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  1. MUSICDANCEUDERSAUCE @ OP ART Tech+TechHouse+Techno = a good session of electronic music 5 Sauces com direito a one bebida warm up JOHNNY DEEP facebook.com/profile.php?id=644816009 soundcloud.com/dj-johnny-deep ----------------------------------------------------- GEAR facebook.com/gear.music soundcloud.com/geardj Everything started in 2006, with 16 years old, when came the first gig at Get It Club (Porto, Portugal). Since then, I played at some of the best clubs around Lisbon. Op-Art, Alcantara Mar, W, Coconuts, ABS, Beat (ex The Loft), In Rio, Europa (Night & After-Hours), Xannax (After-Hours), Alive (After-Hours) QB, Bar do Rio, Rubik, and more. Also shared the decks with Ace Ventura, Ticon, Khainz, Mapusa Mapusa, Mikalogic, Elef, Midinoize, Jiggy, Pena, Cytric and more. My acts can go from Disco House, also Deep House to Techno and some Progressive, passing through Tech-House, Chicago House, Detroit.. It depends on the party and the crowd. Beside my project (Gear), I have another project called AudioGloberz with my mate Kay (Rui Silva). In the middle of all this years I had also a Psytrance project (named as Gear, also) which I quit, and had the pleasure for sharing the decks with some top artists such as Absolum, Phatmatix, Toxic, Dirty Motion, A-Mush, Haxirai, Zaraus, Alienn, and many more. I had a Weekend Workshop to learn some psytrance production tips & tricks, with our legend Menog. ------------------------------------------------------------- HYNKA facebook.com/pages/Dj-Hynka/184688814899022 soundcloud.com/hynka Hynka is an electronic music lover interested in climbing the DJ booth and stage and to vibrate the dance floor. Between 15 and 18 years took part in a rock band in which he played guitar and voice. In 1998 he began to exploit the electronic music, especially Trance and Psy-Trance Progressive took curiosity in what being a DJ in 2002/03. 2005 was praised by the agency Quantic Chill joining the group playing in the line of Progressive Trance. 2006 ran for a contest in a powerful national radio (Oxygen 102.6fm), where he had the chance to showcase their work and present your stage name but with new ways, such as techno, techhouse, Minimal, Deep that even of today's still playing the djset the Hynka (my greatest thanks to the team Oxygen). In 2008 he was invited by Spark currently 24H agents. (founded by Diogo Ribeiro aka D-Tector) and also by FreshBreakAudioEvents (founded by Peter aka Spikers). In 2011/12 Hynka had an invitation to join the group Ajnavison (founded by Carlos Alho and solid team of professionals from different areas). Hynka play with: Pena, Kaser, Jonh E, Dezesperados (Bandidos), Perfect Stranger (Yuli), D-Tector, Nano Mechanic, j Zombi Aka Weekend Heroes (Tel Aviv/Israel), Metronome or Neotone and Tenka (Audiobahn Records - Denmark), Steve Menta, Phaze, CateringN7, Lama, Diogo Ribeiro aka D-Tector,Pedro Zoy, Master Soul, Spikers, Takeshi, Klop Feber, Miss Nutz, Tchatcha, Policuska, Robert Mendez, Diogo(Hiper Flow), Jeronimo Hartman, Géninho, Loguy, Nazka, AeshiTakeshi, Ivã, Mamaduk, Miguel Mat-oz, Gooyz, M-David, Olivs, TwinTech, Loguy, Random Mode, Sigmaphtii, Olivs, Abhay, Floating Machine and much more... -------------------------------------------------------- Special Guest STEVE MENTA - live act facebook.com/SteveMenta soundcloud.com/steve-menta Steve Menta is a Portuguese producer, from Lisbon. Since the first contact with electronic-music in that days till now, Steve keeps pushing his work to the demanded musical world, working in his tracks with such passion, that each track as a story to tell about, his main influences came from life experience, and all the music that he listen from many different genres, the only thing his felt really influenced by, was by the passion that musicians put in their music, whatever its live or at studio. In 2008 Steve Menta releases his debut Ep, with Troia Recordings of well known Portuguese Dj and producer, Pedro Goya, after his first ep, other releases come naturally, at this point, Steve started to present his work, at several clubs in Lisbon, such as the Op art café and Lx Factory, with names like Zoo Brazil, Spektre, Khainz, Booka Shade, Oxia, Format B, Tiefschwarz, Kaiserdisco, Dave Clarke, Sébastien Léger, Alan Fitzpatrick and Joseph Capriati. After a while without releasing any work, Steve closed himself in the studio, and started to brainstorming all his ideas and how to express himself threw his music, results were finnaly coming and It didn't took long for another release. Ninety3 Records, marks a new era in his work, and release the debut Ep "Smiling Faces" with a remix from James Kininmonth, this EP got many support from artists like; Cassandra Daiva, Colin Sales, Erik Morillo, Kid Massive, Luigi Madonna, Dibby Dougherty, Paco Maroto, Rob Small. After this it was time to a new EP, only with original tracks, this time was with Sweep181 of Arnauld Stengel, and the release had many support from names like; Cristian Varela, Paco Osuna, Anderson Noise, Alexi Delano, Nick Warren, M.A.N.D.Y., just to name a few. Steve Menta worked in several collaborations with Portuguese artists, like Spikers, Merlo, Eri2, Midinoize, Fred.Vision and released his collabs, on great labels such as Evapour8 or Code2Recordings, The Evapour8 EP had a huge support and came up on the top 10 most selled tracks from Evapour8. Nowadays Steve is presenting his work in several clubs in Portugal, and has other great releases to come, so stay tuned. ------------------------------------------------- DKULT soundcloud.com/dkult facebook.com/TheDKult?ref=t Starts his career as a DJ in 1999 at the age of 17, playing the hotest clubs and bars in Lisbon. The year of 2009 was his big explosion releasing his first Original track. Since then as become a mass producer and remixer from deep house to techno, like his DJ skills, that infects every dance floor with his hypnotic beats and underground rhythms ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Apoios: Don t Panik: facebook.com/groups/257741694309673/?ref=ts MyLisbon: facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002122872412 Fotografia: Yannick: facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000386676138&ref=ts Flyer: FlipOn: facebook.com/profile.php?id=1582163546 -------------------------------------------------------------- MUSIC DANCE UNDER SAUCE: Facebook: facebook.com/pages/MusicDanceUnderSauce/173572392757332 Myspace: myspace.com/mdusauce Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/MusciDanceUnderSauce ----------------------------------------------- 23h00 - 02h00 / Johnny Deep (warm up) 02h00 - 03h30 / Gear 03h30 - 05h00 / Hynka 05h00 - 06h30 / SPECIAL GUEST @ STEVE MENTA (live act) 06h30 - 08h00 / DKult
  2. Não é para entender, é mesmo para lá estares. Entendes logo!
  3. Eu guardo um lugar para ti Mas tens de vir Abracos Vou de certeza, está confirmadissimo Assim e que e falar
  4. Eu guardo um lugar para ti Mas tens de vir Abracos
  5. Muito bom, tenho que dizer que esta aqui um trabalho e peras. Parabens!!!
  6. gracias manao É desta que nos encontramos sim sr Big hugs
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