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  1. grrr tou a fazer caca ca:S desculpem la mas tou a repetir este tópico, delete please
  2. Release Notes: From the mystic island of Cyprus Noize Conspiracy is ready to Unleash 'The Art Of Noize'. The 9th Chapter of NC V/A 'The Art of Noize' compiled my MikeNoize is set to release in May 2009 !! Featuring exclusive tracks from the usual suspects of Noize Delysid , Menog (Brainhunters Rmx) ,Winter demon , Iron madness , Khopat (Nippon Rmx) and fresh names Trymbaka , Xatrix , Sinful Reactions this V/A has been 6 months in the making and will soon be ready for your sound systems to kick off another year with the 'Art of Noize' Tracklist: 01. Delysid — Escape [08:18] 02. Iron Madness — The 5th Element [08:12] 03. Winter Demon — Back Flash [07:23] 04. Xantrix — Footloose [07:56] 05. Menog — Already Found It (Brain Hunters Rmx) [08:01] 06. Sinful Reactions — System Overload [08:08] 07. Tryambaka — Hypnotic Winds [07:58] 08. Delysid — Demential Conspiracy (Sinful Reactions Rmx) [08:20] 09. Khopat — Nippon (Ignition Rmx) [06:20]
  3. mmmm tou desejando de ouvir este, há previsões de lançamento ?
  4. sao albuns bem diferentes mas ambos bem interessantes este Eternal Now ta super chill, bues de zen...paz de espirito
  5. Release Notes: Eternal Now' A deep ambient atmospheric journey. The first time I heard the music of Don Peyote more than a decade ago, I recognized immediately the unique brilliance of this artistic composer. Since then I have been enjoying listening to and also DJing his music to audiences in a wide variety of settings. His latest release Eternal Now is a full body emersion into the higher orbiting realms of human consciousness. Don continues his voyage into the trans shamanic journey soundscape domain with this astounding composition and when I recently played this recording within a ritual circle setting the experience was supportive, beautiful and profound. Destined for greatness. The new CD comes in an eco-friendly gatefold style cardboard wallet. Tracklist: 01. Don Peyote — Vertical Drift 02. Don Peyote — Tuning In (Bells & Gongs) 03. Don Peyote — Temple Of Dreams 04. Don Peyote — Etheric Soma 05. Don Peyote — Mirage 06. Don Peyote — The Guardian 07. Don Peyote — Here And Now Don Peyote k seja tao bom como o ultimo
  6. Podem fazer o download gratuito na seguite pagina Hispanodelicius Records
  7. Deep Channeling marks the solo debut of Trebolactiko, an Argentinian project inspired by the likes of Kuba, Ott, and Entheogenic. Released by Hispanodelicius Records, this mini-album is a meditative journey into deep tribal trance with a distinctly South American flavour. Guided by gentle beats with a median BPM of 110, this warm and friendly release will hypnotize and delight. Be prepared to open your mind to unexplored horizons of dubby psychedelic chill! ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Deep Channeling Tracklist: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 01 :: Ascencion (5:46) 02 :: Iskalia (6:19) 03 :: Magic Monkey (8:17) 04 :: Mantradelic (7:10) 05 :: Misteriosa Cosmica (6:21) 06 :: Shamanic Funky (8:08) 07 :: Pskalibur (6:20) :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Hispanodelicius Records
  8. Mixed by Daniel Symons at Alchemy Studios, Switzerland. South african producer and flutist Pearce van der Merwe (aka Flooting Grooves) and british/swiss producer and multiinstrumentalist Daniel Symons (aka Dymons) both members of 'The Peaking Goddess Collective' got together to create this long awaited album. 'Cosmosophy - Organic Space Age' is a melting pot of many influences. Coming from different yet similar musical horizons Pearce and Dan have brought together their knowledge as instrumentalists as much as electronic sonic wizards to make a new kind of electro/accoustic music. Fat driving basslines, tribal and groovy beats, floating scapes, dreamy melodies and mysterious sounds and are the ingredients to this feast for the soul. It also features Eulogio 'Mambi' Arguelles-Puey, Cuban master of the congas and batas, Yann Shirardin with deep feeling on guitars and Eliot Short fiddling on the viola, the violin and mandolins. With musical inspiration from all over the world and the ages a new journey is born a touch of funk, of the 70's, breakbeats, ethnic, world fusion, dub, afro-beat, electronica, psychedelic and progressive trance the combination of all these elements makes for a very ecclectic and even avantgarde album some say... Very groovy and flowing, subtly shifting atmospheres, down to earth dancing pulses and yet flying high like divine ecstatic dream states Psychedelic Grooves shall we call it? The lot is wrapped in a beautiful piece of original artwork by visionary artist Luke Brown. Style: Ambient Released: Feb. 2009/07 Track List 1. Creak Inn 2. Afrology 3. Metaforia 4. Galactivation 5. Caravan to hawai 6. Interstellar Transmission 7. And babylon came down 8. Transcending psyshop.com =)
  9. boas! Irukanji - Swamp Chronos - Sacral Meetings Unstable Elements - Technical Illusions Mulambo - Hipnosfera Distant System - Lost Sequence Aes Dana - Opalin (Sonica Edit) Azura - Life2 Izzumm - On The Edge Side Liner vs Cydelix - Nightmare's Music Box Remix flooting grooves - freakin in (=|=)
  10. mmmm moskatel:D faz me lembrar nas manhas de ramboia, depois duma grande viagem mmmm sabe tao bem:D hehe
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