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  1. Posso garantir que este novo local é espetacular !! Lá estaremos sim Lab !!
  2. A SYNERGY OF MUSIC, ART AND PERFORMANCE IN TOTAL HARMONY WITH NATURE – THE UTOPIA AFTER PARTY: A PLACE TO BE The intensity of the Boom triggers a myriad of emotions; making the Utopia after-party the place to be and the perfect way to complete the Boom experience… The Utopian encounter is intimate, comfortable, fun, liberating, cosy and happy: in other words, it is a tonic, particularly in light of the combustion of deep experiences encountered during the Boom… Artist, healers, musicians, DJs, live acts and a flea market spread across the site, which is punctuated by an imaginarium of psychedelic artworks. Alternative Utopia is where a pristine soundsytem blasts away a combination of different music genres. It’s also an awesome place to have a soak and catch the rays of the sun. Conveniently located there’s the Healing Area… A beautiful spot for re-building energies, connecting with the source and aligning with the deepest Self. PROGRAM ALPHA (Interzone – GER) ANESTETIC (TimeCode/OneFootGroove – POR) ANTAGON (Damaru Recos – GER) COLIN (Alien Safari – RSA) DELTA (One Foot Groove – POR) DJane GABY (SLO) DUST (Looney Moon – ITA) EDOARDO (Neurobiotic – ITA) FREAKED FREQUENCY (OneFootGroove – SEB) GROUCH (Zenon Records – NZ) HUDA G (Vertikal Records – ISR) IBOJIMA (Planet BEN – SWE) JAY OM (Free Spirit – ITA) JOURNEY (Free Spirit – ITA) LAB (No Comment Rec – POR) LAUGHING BUDDHA (Nano Records – ENG) LIFTSHIFT (Sourcecode – HOL) LOST & FOUND (3D Vision – RSA) M-THEORY (Alchemy Records – ITA) MAD MAXX (Nutek Records – USA) POLARIS (Neurobiotic – FRA) RALPH K (aka Braincell- CHE) SOUTHWILD (Wild Things Records – CAN) THATY (BRA) ZIRKIN (Doof Records – ISR) ZYCE & FLEGMA (Tesseract – SEB) KEEP IN SYNC THE PROGRAM IS CONSTANTLY UPDATED! HOW TO GET THERE Taking place in a stunning green shaded location, Utopia is just a 30-minute drive from the Boom Land. Green glades surround a beautiful, pristine river with beach to chill and unwind after the intensity of the Boom. DIRECTIONS: From Idanha-a-Nova, follow the signs to PENAMACOR. From this point, take the direction of SABUGAL. When you reach the town of MEIMOA, catch the signs to BENQUERENÇA which takes you right to the heart of Utopia!
  3. Dj Delta South Africa Tour was a Blast ...!! Check out the fotos : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dj-Delta/152758598115343
  4. Agradecido meu amigo K-Optik !! Mais uma actualização ... Delta @ UTOPIA AFTER BOOM FESTIVAL 2012 !!!
  5. South Africa Tour Update !!! 23 tp 25 March Groovy Troopers Vision Serpent Festival The Start of Deltas South Africa Tour, Out Door event held in Western Cape South Africa 30 March Mungus Fungus Indoor Club Event in Long Street Cape Town South Africa 20 April The Village Out Door Event Western Cape South Africa
  6. Sem duvida que esta TAH merece todo o respeito , grande esforço para presentar a todos os presentes com esta excelente iniciativa ! Força meus amigos e que continuação de um bom trabalho .
  7. Obrigado amigo Lapirado || Sem duvida que foi uma festa memorável , e sem duvida tb que juntos fizémos um FESTÃO !! Parabéns PSYART
  8. FORESTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT PSY !!! Boa sorte para todos e em especial para o meu amigo Delta.... Rui.. que tenhas uma boa actuação.... dá lhe bem Agradecido meu amigo Celso ! Grande abraço com saudades .
  9. Delta

    BOOM 2012

    "" Boom 2012 will feature DJs, live acts and bands that play longer music sets – the sense of journey is finally back! Short sets by artists take away the essence of the journey and this is something commonly suffered at many festivals and parties. Often than not, something meaningful is being lost when the artist, while under time constraints, is forced to play a short set narrative. We are tired of the tyranny of quantity over quality and of short-lived music sets. As a result, in 2012, we are focusing more on the flow of the music, hence inviting Djs, acts and bands for longer sets to allow the sense of the music journey. We’ve been listening to hundreds of hours of new music in many genres and we are compiling an exciting music flow! Keep yourself updated with the program on our website www.boomfestival.org. ""
  10. Delta

    BOOM 2012

    " Boom Festival Official One more very special 3 hour set... One more amazing psychedelic artist... Ajja! He is joining us at Boom 2012! Love you all! "
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