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FREAK IN ON @ Live: Trance In Home - Full On Mix



Nossos artistas são totalmente voltados para a essência do que é o Psy Trance. Se você gosta de curtir um bom e velho transe psicodélico siga-nos e continue acompanhando o nosso trabalho! @https://soundcloud.com/psy_wave


Artista: @freak_in_on_dj

Bookings: psywave.agency@gmail.com

wpp: 17 99101-1923 / 17 98815-7139


Track List:

1. Sonic Species - Smashing The Veil

2. Sonic Species - The Force

3. Sonic Species - Tokyo Sunrise (Transient Disorder Remix)

4. Astral Projection - Let There Be Light (Outsiders Remix)

5. Altruism, Burn In Noise - Shamanic

6. Solitary Shell, Hypnoise - World Beyond

7. Spectra Sonics, Hypnoise - Face to Face

8. Reversed Logic, Hypnoise - Logic Noise

9. Hypnoise - Sacred Path

10. Spinal Fusion, Hypnoise - Noizefuzion

11. Hypnoise - Never Ending Circle

12. Hypnoise - Imaginary Outlines




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