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Phonix Records



RELEASE DATE 2021-10-15

LABEL Phonix Records





The year is 2021. We are still dealing with the effects of the global lockdown. It is time for a new escape - this time Phonix Records puts beat scientist Data Decay (Tim Mancini/Canada) in charge. Using cutting edge technology, magic and every other option available - he has assembled the 'Cybernetic Response' - a transmission describing his version of things to come.

Data Decay tunes into the psychedelic frequencies with a little 'Mind Woggle'. Synthesized by Glitch (Dash Hawkins/South Africa), 'Mind Woggle' tickles and flexes all the right parts of the brain that make you dance! Catching the right wavelength - we commence 'Frequency Surfing'. Tweaked and fine-tuned, this robo-trip of psychedelic proportions was originally assembled by Tickets (Josef Summs/South Africa) and Earworm (Max Meshiv/Israel) - and is now remixed by Tickets to achieve the maximum output resonance. As power levels stabilize, mage Skryre (Fergus McDermott/Australia) dwells deep with his epic - 'Tantrum of the Opera'.


A ballad of technology gone wrong, humanity lost, a monster unleashed! Dancefloors - beware! More chaos leads into disarray and disorientation. Fear not, ReFractor (Luan Boes/South Africa) and his claims of 'Lights in the Sky' - helps re-orient with perfect precision.

With a newfound sense of clarity - another legend comes to push things. sideways. Shift (Chris Hoy/South Africa) thrills with 'Mesmerizer'. A dark and troubling dystopian tale - an unexpected side effect of the Cybernetic Response! The reality matrix is fractured, and Killer Buds (Marcelo Espindola and Tarcisio Mainardi/Brazil) with the help of their new and improved 2021 remix of Digital Talk - 'Acrobeat' - recalibrate audio sensors!


Synthetic acid leads over powerful beats - the ideal means to break through the firewall of the mind! The perfect setting to turbocharge your dance shoes - Alienn (Patrick Ferreira/Portugal) hacks the mind and pushes listeners closer to euphoria embracing the dancefloor zombie inside.

Entering the final phase, wizard Ionkhe (Ivan Lugo/Mexico) and amigo Droptor (Robert Hernandez/Mexico) present the story of Tsukuyomi - the moon god! Helping complete the story with a little bit of groovy, glitched, and dimension shifting magic! If that isn't enough - M.A.D (Luis Cruz/Mexico), helps secure every ounce of leftover technology to take care of any loose ends with his lethal remix of the classic 'Global Thermonuclear War' by Frozen Ghost, Psyqlopz feat. Jester.


Dare if you will, pass this point, for beyond this lie 'Nightmares'! Newcomer China Rose (Rebecca Broadbent/United Kingdom) presents this parting chapter - a haunting tale! This is not the happy end you imagined, but it is the EPIC end you get - a 149 BPM roller coaster of a ride bursting with energy!

With this - Data Decay concludes the Cybernetic Response. Take the time to re-orient yourselves, watch that first step - its a doozy! So waste no time and take us to your speakers! It's time for the Cybernetic Response!







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