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DJ ULTR∆SØUND - Abyssal Echoes (152 bpm´s) MIX





From the deep abyss of darkness to reveal the darkness within us one has to embrace it with affection and love towards it so that it can be turned into light when it is needed. This set is made with the intention to bring harmony within our spirits through intense darkpsy moments.



ULTR∆SØUND is a cyclic sound pressure wave with a frequency greater than the upper limit of the human hearing range. Ultrasound is thus not separated from "normal" (audible) sound based on differences in physical properties, only the fact that humans cannot hear it,although this limit varies from person to person...

Dark and trippy around 150-200bpm...but with phat kicks and strong baselines...

The most important thing for me is a crystal clear production and an intelligent story in the music . . . ULTR∆SØUND DJ / PRODUCER


ULTR∆SØUND is a project was born in late 2005,Marco Ribeiro interest for electronic music became quite obvious when I started attending Psytrance parties, in 1995.


From that time on until now, has been addicted to psytrance music- Darkpsy // Forest // Psycore // Hi-Tech


Studied Musical Production and Tecnician of Sound in,Escola Técnica de Imagem e Comunicação (ETIC),2002, learning his way around the studio and connecting with other producers with other styles and ideas,with a taste for the music ended up taking a degree in technical sound and also the one year of engineering, not ending...
Passion for music begins has ist roots in punk, followed by hardcore.metal,trash... started already in the early days of youth when play guitar in three bands of metal and trash .... the taste for music and the sound is in my veins...


His experience doing music and mixed makes this project almost unique,fast and groovy for the night time,the dj set could be described as a storytelling mix something between powerful twilight, dark psytrance and deep forest sounds – kicking nighttime, are characterized for a power style and good technique in his mixes, best described as modern advanced psytrance,twisted-noisy and glitchy night sounds trying to stay in between energetic hi-tech stuffed and darkpsy ...





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