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7 Dezembro - Drunk on Drugs Metal Fiesta 3: Christmas Special

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The trilogy is complete!!!

On the 7th of December, the best party of the Year returns to kick you in the ass before 2020 rolls in!

Expect severe amounts of alcohol, brutal Christmas Joy, sensual Magma Wear merch and the best quality of music!

Speaking of music, meet our Death Christmas Carolers:

Bokluk: Another band that played at SWR to a criminally underrated crowd during the afternoon. From A Coruña, a place that shits out more awesome grind and death bands than most places, they play the kind of death metal that knows no bullshit, only blast-beat violence. Friends of our last Mariachis La Hija del Carroñero and Hvmvcvdv GRIND, you can expect the same level of crazy, murderrific moshing from them.

Soul of Anubis: Doom Sludge trio from Santa Maria da Feira, showing everyone that the town has more to offer than over-hyped medieval parties once a year. Groovy and terrifying at the same time, they will break Santa's neck with their cavernous riffs.

Aischrolatry: (No FB yet, sorry thots) The best kind of noisegrind is fresh. So instead of cooking their recipes at home, this grindcore duo makes shit up on the spot to bring you the best improv sonic terrors, served table-side. You will feel the freshness of this show, if you don't cum, you should see a doctor immediately.

Divine Ruin: From the makers of Outeiro Metal Fest and RUINA (first Metal Fiesta) comes a Death/Thrash/Prog experiment that is guaranteed to kick start this Christmas party with a bang. What is Christmas if not the decadent, exploited ruin of Divinity...we don't know what we're talking about, just get drunk on the Christmas Spirit.

A F T E R P A R T Y -

Correct boys and grills, Metal Fiesta 3 will have an AFTERPARTY right there at Metalpoint, this will be handled by our Partners from CVLTO! Hopefully they will do a great job to avoid Hugh Dick's infinite rage, but we know we can count on them!

Don't be a poser grinch asshole, let's all get wasted to death because it's Christmas and Jesus totally looked like a Metalhead.

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