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  1. podes crer. foi electrizante....eheheh
  2. Samples aki: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/spl/spl1cd010.html
  3. E de Sinful Reactions eheheheh era bem.....mas enfim.....aki ng da valor aos tugas....eehehehehe ja tokamos mais vezes fora de portugal do k cá...lol =D
  4. yeah... Obrigada pelo convite, prometemos k vai ser sempre a bombar...eheheh bota lá francesinhas...eheheh e bem boas...lol
  5. yeah...=D penedos a estalar...ehehehe
  6. Hey Folks, 3D Vision is proud to announce its first Digital release FRESH Part 01 Selected by Absolum. FRESH is the new compilation selected by Label manager Christof Absolum which will be released in 3 parts starting now. FRESH Part 01 contains the following tracks : 1/ EX-GEN vs SMASHED : Invisible Invaders 2/ SINFUL REACTIONS : Power Consumption 3/ MENOG : Matacanha (Absolum edit) You can get your Digital Copy right now on BEATPORT clicking on the following link : Buy Fresh @ Beatport Get some visions by going 3D......
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