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  1. #deep house#melodic techno#progressive house#melodic house#electronic music I just want to dedicate this mix to a friend. Thanks!
  2. #ambient#chill out#space ambient#dark ambient#soundscape Let´s start the last 2021 week with some Chill Out Ambient tunes. This is the kind of music that I love to mix, not just because it's fascinating to hear all the melodies, but because it's such a powerful sound in every way. I'm speechless and I can only wish you a blessed new year and that your dreams come true. A warm hug to all the artists involved in this special set. Thanks!i
  3. #deep house#melodic house#melodic techno#electronic music#electronic house "Unfold" is the 2th chapter from the after the sunrise series. Yes, the home sets returned little by little to share some music with you. This time I want simple focus to see the light, a new beginning on something, new opportunities in the music business or new changes! Enjoyyy!! Big hug to all the chosen artists
  4. #house#organic house#afrohouse#afrobeats#ethno Mind Heart presents "Lafrik Mwen", a hypnotic and uplifting music set. This time let's make this trip to Africa! I'm sure I have some African family connection. This journey will make you want to connect with the earth more and more, with the nature that surrounds you and especially with the dance and energy that comes from within the heart. So please make it a self and special moment and enjoy as the fullest! All my thanks goes to all the artists who puts the efforts and the creative music on this one. Thanks a looot! https://www.mixcloud.com/themindheartconnection/
  5. #techno melodic#progressive#electronic#house melodic#deep house After the sunrise it´s when I function best. I haven't done this "home" sets for a few moths, so it´s time to get this done. This time I introduce some tracks that lift me up and makes me hopeful about the future. I hope it works for you too and that you have some wonderful days ahead. Thanks to all the artists involved on this re-entry! https://www.mixcloud.com/themindheartconnection/
  6. #techno#melodic techno#progressive#house progressive#electronic music Back to Techno! After a couple of sets with some world house music, I decided to go back to the sound that I´m most excited about lately. So without further delay I introduce you the "Night Kingdom". This was very fun to mix and to tell this story to you. I hope you like and have fun out there! Love for all the artists who were involved on this kingdom! Thanks xx https://www.mixcloud.com/themindheartconnection/
  7. #electronica#melodic house#melodic techno#organic house#downtempo Tracks that were leaving behind in a certain way and I never had the chance to play them, but I was searching for them on my library and here they are with a "Revisited" mix! Enjoy the set on this last days of 2020. Good entrances on this new year and see you there! All my love going to all the artists who are here and support this mix. Thanks a lot! https://www.mixcloud.com/themindheartconnection/
  8. #techno#downtempo ambient chillout lounge#melodic techno#organic house#electronic music Here we go. Without much to say, its up to you to draw your conclusions to become better human being with the environment and animals. Especially those who live in water and their lives are stolen, through cowardice and of course the large massive fishing nets that are put every day in our oceans. Everything is picked up, from the smallest animal to the big one. Its time for change and a I suggest you all to shift to a plant-based diet. What are you waiting for? Think about it! Enjoy the music and make that change. Special thanks to all the producers and artists who are in this journey. https://www.mixcloud.com/themindheartconnection/deep-in-the-ocean/
  9. #ambient#organic house#ethno afro house#downtempo ambient chillout lounge#world music Mind Heart presents to you "Danza"! A special set with almost 2 hours, from music all around the world. From the deep jungle of Mexico, to the exotic Marrakech, then we visit the beautiful Brazil, someone is calling the orient, we dance with our belly danza, we stop in our karma, we continue our trip in Ethiopia, we breath in Tibete, we fly into Kamakura and we all land in safe mode in Africa. What you are waiting for? Come on abroad and please enjoy the trip! Once again Thanks all the artists that produce this unique and lovely musica! x with love Ricardo - Mind Heart x https://www.mixcloud.com/themindheartconnection/
  10. The second experience at Rock a Lot Bar in Setúbal it´s finally here. Almost 4h of good music for your endless summer. You can listen everywhere, anytime it´s available especially for you. Enjoy dear friends! https://www.mixcloud.com/themindheartconnection/
  11. Papaya · Radiocast 34 | Mind Heart Enjoy listening to the amazing mixtape made by Mind Heart. This Portuguese artist is surprising us with his hypnotic Deep House, filled with sentimental and melancholy nuances creating a journey that will tune up your mind and heart to the proper beat. Enjoy the ride! Track list: 01 - Foreword - @Spektrelive 02 - Odd Entity (Ext. Mix) - @Thomasschwartz-2 & @Faustofanizza 03 - Black Sirens - @Nooremusic 04 - Gehena (Original Mix) - @Fenixjdj & @Marioeighta 05 - Meridian @Sudhausmusic Remix & @The_wash 06 - Young, Wild And Free - @Adamhusa & @Mustafaismaeelmusic 07 - Avalon - @Mindagainst 08 - Tarpan (Original Mix) - @Kapibaramusic 09 - Terrible Plant - @Remcord 10 - Only Human (Original Mix) - @Onurozman Follow Mind Heart: SC: https://soundcloud.com/themindheartconnection Follow Papaya: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heypapayamusic/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeyPapayamusic/ Web: https://heypapayamusic.com/ Papaya Record's artists are always open to share their music around the world. If you would like to get more information about tours and bookings, contact us on heypapayarecords@gmail.com.