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  1. Release date: 2019-04-15 Headroom has been locked away working on his much anticipated second album, but before that is ready to launch he has returned with another emotionally charged daytime groove of the highest quality that guarantees to get the crowd pumping and jumping all around the dance-floor. https://www.facebook.com/headroomusic https://www.instagram.com/headroomusic
  2. Artist : Shayman Title : Strange Sense Label : Nano Records Cat no. : nanodigi031 Format : Digital download Release Date: 14 May 2013 Track Listing : 1. Stranger 2. Senses Nano Records on Facebook Shayman on Facebook Nano Records on Beatport Nano Record’s would like to introduce to you the debut release from Shayman, currently one of Israel’s hottest up and coming pry trance acts. Already defining his own style with a smooth rolling progressive sound that stands out as unique against the current mountain of copycat producers, Shayman is clearly a man on a mission. After coming to the attention of DJs in 2012 with his “Landing On the Moon” track featured on the Nano Records compilation “Origin 4 compiled by Regan”, Shayman now shares more of his amazing psychedelic styled progressive tracks: ‘Stranger’ and ‘Senses’ on this EP as a taste of what is to come from his debut album, which is primed for release in the near future!
  3. Artist : D-Addiction Title : Trip Report EP Label : Nano Records Cat no. : nanodigi029 Format : Digital download Release Date: 11 December 2012 Track Listing : 1. Trip Report (ft. Zen Mechanics) 2. The Power Buy on Beatport: http://www.beatport....port-ep/1012604 Web: http://www.nanorecords.co.uk Nano Records on Facebook: http://www.facebook....orecords?ref=ts D-Addiction on Facebook: http://www.facebook....178144342226766 We started off this year with the release of D-Addiction’s debut EP, so what better way to finish it off than with his second EP release: ‘Trip Report’. D-Addiction’s stomping groove heavy basslines and tripped out tech trickery feature once again on this amazing EP, sure to be blasted in DJ sets everywhere over the next months. Fans of his past work as half of Psy-Prog act 'Quantize' (with Captain Hook) will love the sounds of these 2 tracks, which also feature a collaboration with the deep rolling genius of Zen Mechanics.
  4. Artist: The Commercial Hippies Title: Underground Overground Track Listing : 1. 99% 2. Underground Overground 3. Wave After Wave 4. Dinosaur Blood (TCH Remix) 5. Dr. Rockit FREE Download Available from: http://www.thecommercialhippies.com Follow us on: https://www.facebook...mmercialhippies http://www.soundclou...mmercialhippies http://www.nanorecords.co.uk The Commercial Hippies are back!!! ...and this time with a free 5 track EP available from their new website www.thecommercialhippies.com. “Underground Overground” is a collection of 5 dancefloor melters, that’ll have you heaving till the cows come home. From slamming psytrance stormers like “Wave after wave”, and TCH’s remix of P.H.Fat’s “Dinosaur Blood”, to Electro inspired rock riffs in “Dr. Rockit”, and the deep,tripped out grooves of the title track “Underground Overground” and “99%”, this is a collection of TCH at top form! “Underground Overground” gives you a taste of what these dancefloor legends are all about and best of all its available absolutely FREE from their website, so be sure to get over there and grab yourself a copy. You dont wanna miss this!!!
  5. Artist: Avalon Title: The Remixes Volume One Label: Nano Records Cat no.: nanoocd032 Format: Digital download Release Date: 27 September 2012 Track Listing : 1. Final Transmission (Zen Mechanics Remix) 2. Funky Voodoo (Captain Hook Remix) 3. Stinkin Warehouse (LOUD Remix) 4. Aggressive Progressive (Burn In Noise Remix) 5. Play It Bahia (Lucas and Sybarite Remix) 6. Destiny Awaits (Cosmosis Remix) 7. Teleporter (Laughing Buddha Remix) 8. Out There (Tristan Remix) 9. Opus Pokus (Chromatone Remix) 10. Swamp Funk (Master Blasters Remix) 11. Distant Futures (Dickster Remix) 12. Into The New World (Sonic Species Remix) 13. Transitions (Materia, Brainiac and Mindfold Remix) Buy on Beatport Nano Records on Facebook Avalon on Facebook Avalon, The Remixes Volume One, is the beginning of a new and futuristic series of scorching and powerful sounds that can be expected from Avalon and friends. Avalon - The Remixes Volume One, presents remixes by select Psy Trance Masters of some of Avalon’s most groundbreaking tracks, including the likes of Captain Hook, LOUD, Tristan, Cosmosis, Laughing Buddha, Zen Mechanics, Burn In Noise, Lucas and Sybarite, Chromatone, Master Blasters, Dickster, Sonic Species and Materia, Brainiac and Mindfold - who have all given their own original twist and tweak to the tracks. Another proud NANO Records Release.
  6. Artist: Various Artists Title: Origin 4 compiled by Regan Label: Nano Records Cat no.: nanoocd030 Format: Digital download/ CD Release Date: 27 June 2012 Track Listing Disc Left: 1. Gratitude - Altruism 2. Time and Space - Avalon vs. Burn In Noise 3. March On - AMD 4. Wonderizer – Tristan & Magik 5. Hallucinations (Circuit Breakers Rmx) – Zen Mechanics 6. Deep Mind (2012 Delay Mix) – Tristan 7. Rebirth Control – Headroom 8. Glade (Flip-Flop Rmx) – Allaby 9. Hemirhythms – Hemi-Sync Disc Right: 1. Bass Monkey – D-Addiction 2. Landing On The Moon – Shayman 3. Tales from the Loudmobile (Broken Toy Rmx) – Loud 4. Micro-Magnetic – The Commercial Hippies 5. Will Never End (Broken Toy Rmx) – Headroom 6. Phoenix – Master Blasters 7. Threadone – Laughing Buddha 8. Pink Furry Armadillo – Tristan & Regan 9. Hardfire - Allaby Nano Website: www.nanorecords.co.uk Nano on Facebook: www.facebook.com/nanorecords Regan on Facebook: www.facebook.com/regan.nano Buy online: www.beatport.com/release/origin-4-compiled-by-regan/931542 Nano Records’ latest offering ‘Origin 4’ sees the famed compilation series return, this time compiled by label boss Regan from South Africa. 'Origin 4' encapsulates the true essence of the music that Nano Records promotes. All the artists that are featured on this 18-track compilation have helped in some way to make the label what it is today. They are all playing a part in promoting and spreading the Nano sound worldwide to much acclaim. Some of Nano’s longest standing artists such as Tristan, Headroom, The Commercial Hippies, Dickster and Laughing Buddha are featured along with the labels more recently signed artists like; LOUD, D-Addiction, Altruism and Shayman. Styles and tempos shift around from hard-edged techier beats, to deep, acid gurgling tracks and full power, peak of the party, anthemic blasters. This is one album rammed full of quality tracks from some of the most loved Psy Trance artists from around the globe today.
  7. Artist: LOUD Title: No more X Label: Nano Records Cat no.: nanoocd029 Format: Digital download/ CD Release Date: 16 April 2012 Track Listing : 1. If… 2. Dr.Who 3. Perpetuum Mobile 4. Solid 5. Shores of Titan 6. Triceratops 7. Station 42 Buy on Beatport Nano on Facebook Loud on Facebook Nano Records website Loud have steadily sent massive psychedelic waves washing through the global trance scene, and with their new album "No More X", the Israeli duo of Eitan Reiter and Kobi Toledano are pushing boundaries once more. After a string of successful releases on Nano Records in 2011, Loud's new album makes way for a fresh sound, a more mature approach that demonstrates a move towards a deeper more listener friendly sound. A brave move in a world of cookie cutter PsyTrance, but one that is sure to pay off and win fans across all spectrums of the Psy Trance world. 'No More X' has been carefully pieced together as a concept album, a musical journey of deep trance grooves and hypnotic acid spirals that is as much for home listening as it is for the dance floor. Drawing influences from some classic trance artists and working exclusively with analog synths in the studio, Loud have created an album of sheer brilliance destined for a cult following for sure. "No More X" is available as download and limited edition digipack. Watch out for the animated videos for all the tracks online.
  8. Artist : D-Addiction Title : Salvation / Down Under EP Label : Nano Records Cat no. : nanodigi028 Format : Digital download Release Date: 25 January 2012 Track Listing : 1. Salvation 2. Down Under (ft. Mr Bill) Buy on Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/salvation-down-under/857021 Web: http://www.nanorecords.co.uk Nano Records on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nanorecords?ref=ts D-Addiction on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/D-Addiction/178144342226766 We are ready to start the off the 10th year of NANO Records with a big bang! The debut EP from D-Addiction (ex-Quantize) is sure to be quite an explosion on the scene with its stomping basslines and floating melodies. The 2 track EP features one solo track by D-Addiction and another featuring the Australian Electro and Dubstep producer; Mr Bill. With 2 solid tracks like these you will be pining for his next release on Nano Records. Up coming Albums: Origin - Stage Four (compilation) LOUD - No More X Still Fresh: Tristan - Trance Odyssey EP Ecliptic - Limitless (compilation)
  9. Artist : Tristan Title : Trance Odyssey EP Label : Nano Records Cat no. : nanodigi027 Format : Digital download Release Date: 23 November 2011 Track Listing : 1. Trance Odyssey Ft. The Antidote 2. Deep Mind Buy on Beatport Nano Records Website Nano Records on Facebook Tristan on Facebook Following his first Nano digital EP ‘Identified EP’, Tristan brings us the ’Trance Odyssey EP’ featuring yet another quality collaboration with The Antidote. Both artists styles can clearly be felt in this track, which is destined for peak time blasting, an anthem of the highest order. Included in this EP is also 'DeepMind' a solo track from Tristan that once again shows us the big mans full of power tribal style with the dirty acid sounds that he made famous!
  10. Artist : Ecliptic Title : Limitless EP Label : Nano Records Cat no. : nanodigi026 Format : Digital download Release Date: 02 November 2011 Track Listing : 1. Open Your Eyes – Xibalba 2. The Box – NORD & I Awake 3. Limitless – Ecliptic 4. Colours Are Cool (Ecliptic Remix) – Flowjob 5. Mayan Prophecy – Visua 6. Expensive Taxi – Time In Motion & Jiser 7. Punk Everywhere – Ruls 8. Mushi Merlot - Morphatrix Release on Beatport Nano Records website Nano Records on Facebook Ecliptic on Facebook For Nano Record’s first progressive compilation, Mexican progressive psy-trance duo Ecliptic have compiled a quality collection of some of the smoothest beats around that are sure to sizzle on any sunny dance floor. Featuring; Xibalba, NORD & I Awake, Ecliptic, an Ecliptic remix of Flowjob, Visua, Time In Motion & Jiser, Ruls and Morphatrix, this digital only release is perfect for home listening as well as dancefloors of any size.
  11. Artist: Master Blasters Title: Life Changing Experiences Label: Nano Records Cat no.: nanoocd027 Format: Digital download/ CD Release Date: 21 July 2011 Track Listing : 1. Overtones 2. Initiation 3. Funk Junky 4. Snowjob 5. Interconnected 6. Space Racer 7. Can U Dig It? 8. Shake ‘Em 9. Revelation Nano Records Website Link to buy release Nano Records on Facebook Master Blasters on Facebook After the release of their first EP “Blaster Pieces”, Master Blasters are ready to serve you a good helping of an entire album worth of power-surging tracks that venture to the deeper realms of trance. Expect nothing less than brilliance from the duo that is Zephirus Kane and Pogo, who blend their many years of experience and high energy to create this quality album ‘Life Changing Experiences’. MasterBlasters will have you tunneling through the cosmic funk till your feet turn to jelly and your mind has stretched to the stars. DJ Pogo (of 'Wingmakers' fame) and sound maestro Zephirus Kane drop their debut album of twisting-squelching acid-drenched power-surging tracks that venture to the deeper realms of trance. Available in Limited Edition super psychedelic holographic foil Digipack, also available as download. To get your own copy of the limited edition digipack visit Psyshop.com, Saikosounds.com and other leading online album stores. There are only a limited amount of these super fantastic albums that have been pressed, so don't miss out on owning a future classic.
  12. Artist: LOUD Title: The Remixes Label: Nano Records Cat no.: nanoocd028 Format: Digital download/ CD Release Date: July 2011 Track Listing : 1. L.S.Dance (Loud Remix) 2. Subinya (Ace Ventura Remix) 3. Sun Dance (Perfect Stranger Remix) 4. One Way (Prometheus Remix) 5. Digital Hippie (Psysex vs. Activator Remix) 6. Wired (Captain Hook Remix) 7. All Rights Reversed (Avalon Remix) 8. Big Squid (Laughing Buddha Remix) 9. Enlightenment (Zen Mechanics Remix) Buy on Beatport Nano on Facebook: www.facebook.com/nanorecords Loud on Facebook: www.facebook.com/loudrive?ref=ts LOUD - The Remixes featuring: LOUD, Avalon, Laughing Buddha, Ace Ventura, Captain Hook, Perfect Stranger, Prometheus, Psysex vs. Activator and Zen mechanics. Israeli duo; LOUD, are already a well established act around the globe. Recently signed to Nano Records and releasing a chart topper EP; "Subinya Remixes" we are now ready to turn the volume up even higher with a compilation of LOUD anthems remixed by an all star international lineup of artists.
  13. Artist : Allaby Title : Reform EP Label : Nano Records Cat no. : nanodigi023 Format : Digital download Release Date: 15 June 2011 Track Listing : 1. Glade (Zen Mechanics Remix) 2. Spiritually Corrected 3. Imaginarium (Burn in Noise Remix) 4. Glade (’06 Mix) Nano Records on Beatport: www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/label/detail/2527/nano_records Web: www.nanorecords.co.uk Nano Records on Facebook: www.facebook.com/nanorecords?ref=ts Allaby on Facebook: www.facebook.com/allabymusic?ref=ts Since Allaby first slipped onto the Psy scene many years ago he has steadily built himself a reputation as one of the finest songwriters within the scene, laying down the absolute deepest tracks that ooze lushness and groove. The 'Reform EP' marks the start of a series of amazing EP’s coming from Allaby. 'Reform' focuses on Allaby classics, Spiritually Corrected (a remix of the track that originally brought him to the attention of psy trance followers), Glade (named after the UK festival of the same name, a track that has been the secret weapon amongst NANO DJs since 2006, but has never had a proper release)._Added to those are 2 remixes by the likes of Burn in Noise and Zen Mechanics._ The floodgates are about to open.
  14. Artist : Static Flow Title : Subconscious Safari Label : Nano Records Cat no. : nanodigi022 Format : Digital download Release Date: 11 May 2011 Track Listing : 1. Subconscious Safari 2. Music Technology Nano Records on Beatport Nano Records Website Nano Records on Facebook Static Flow on Facebook Having gained recognition and a major fan base by playing at some of South Africa’s best and most loved trance parties in the past few years, Static Flow is ready to expose you to his debut EP on Nano Records, titled “Subconscious Safari”. The two hard-hitting, energetic and power driven tracks will send you on a refreshing journey through the ever-conscious.
  15. We are hosting a SALE just in time for the festival season for all you Northerners and too keep all the Southerners going through the winter months. All these specially priced CD's will not be available for much longer so if you are interested, hop along and choose from the great selection that is on offer. CD's vary from £3 - £5 each. NANO RECORDS CD SALE - Click here Here is the selection you can choose from: Headroom - Artelligent Tristan - Chemisphere AMD - Big Fish Fearsome Engine - Biting Point Protoculture - Circadians VA - Emergence Aphid Moon - Global Culture VA - Wingmakers The Commercial Hippies - If You Can't Stand The Heat VA - Natural Selection The Commercial Hippies - From Beyond VA - Network VA - Windup VA - Streamline Strike Twice - Time Capsule VA - Origin VA - Origin 2 For all the track listings you can visit the Releases section on the Nano Records site by clicking HERE . It's worth a visit!
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